Conscious Meditation Training

Are you ready for
Conscious Soul-utions?

This program is a way to restore your personal center in a way that no one else can do, but YOU. This training is for you if:

  • You have trust issues with someone in your life (family, friend, self)
  • Your energy level and vibe is impacted by others
  • You feel a sense of powerlessness over those you love
  • You are ready to break unhealthy patterns
  • You want to learn how to raise your frequency

Quantum Wholeness Meditation

So many people are drawn to meditation as a solution – or perhaps a soul-ution. But the most common response is that they “don’t know if they are doing it right.” This is one of the most comprehensive yet simple meditation trainings based on the following definition:

Learn how Quantum Wholeness Meditation might take you to the next level

Emotional Soul-Work + Meditation = Consciousness

The 12-week Conscious Soul-ution Program Includes:

  • Individual assessments to create intentional program goals
  • Personalized session to guide focus and routines
  • Intensive group training to support emotional breakthroughs
  • Quantum Wholeness Meditation training with meditation tracker
  • Deluxe program manual with workbook and easy-access tools
  • 5-weeks of Conscious CommUnity amplification groups
  • Frequency Training course and Conscious Curriculum manual
  • Individual Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session

This training fulfills the pre-requisites for Quantum Wholeness Facilitator Certification (Conscious Soul Coach)

Online Training Schedule

1 – 6-week intensive Tuesdays at 7:30 pm MST ~ Nov. 3 – Dec 8

2 – 5-week Frequency Training – Tuesdays 5:30 pm Dec. 15 – Jan. 12

3 – Individual session(s) scheduled directly

Regularly $599 – Early Discount price only $499 (through Oct. 24)

Or 3 monthly payments of $177

Contact us if you have questions:

Email or Text 435-915-6915

to schedule a Q&A